Diversity & Tech #12 (October 16)

Announcements Grace Lee Boggs wasn’t in “Who Killed Vincent Chin?” right? (See its searchable transcript) Letterlocking as an anti-surveillance technology in the time of Beloved New items in the D&T Reading/Listening/Watching list: PBS Asian Americans (Ep.1 discusses Chinese railroad workers during the time of Beloved), Grace Lee Boggs autobiography, links on linguistic justice Coming up: […]

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Diversity & Tech #11 (October 11)

Announcements For folks using postcolonial theory: here are a couple useful books on technology and postcolonialism. We will read excerpts! Dominance by Design by Michael Ades (Harvard University Press, 2009). This book is about US government engineers and colonialist underpinnings in the development of global infrastructures. Spiral to the Stars by Laura Harjo (University of […]

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Diversity & Tech #9 (October 4)

Announcements For your reference, Monday’s midterm planning agenda has been added to the “Diversity” menu. Agenda Assignments Read/listen/watch, take notes, and be ready for in-class timed exercises & discussions on:  Please also create a first draft “Works Cited” in the Google Doc for your paper. Make sure it addresses the items under the “Works Cited” section […]

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Diversity & Tech #8 (October 2)

Announcements With your discussions going forward, please remember to: 1) include technology as part of your discussion and 2) clearly cite sources for any information external to the book. Agenda Discussion Planning for the 2250-word Midterm, due October 26. If you would like written feedback, please submit your midterm paper by October 23. Exercise: Planning/Synthesis […]

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D&T Reading, Watching, Listening

This list will be updated weekly. Categories are loose groupings; some works fit in multiple categories. Please also consult the syllabus for further resources. Contents Class Books Main books folder with Beloved (Morrison), work by James Baldwin, and the books Sister Outsider (Lorde), Dawn (Butler), The Left Hand of Darkness (Le Guin), and additional reading. […]

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