“Made in the Machine” Session 6: Book Club & Seeed



Assignment for March 24

  • Please draft a 1000+ word research article, creative nonfiction, or ethnography (series of interviews) that critically examines issues around a larger digital fabrication topic. Be willing to be objective and to examine both the positive and negative issues around this topic.
    • If you like, you can start by expanding your blog post from last week.
    • Please integrate your thoughts and/or observations from at least one of the books from today’s book browse.
    • If applicable, please integrate your thoughts on speakers and/or site visits so far.
    • Please draft an MLA-formatted bibliography for the books, articles, web sites, site visits, speakers, and other sources that you cite. Please use at least three sources, including one of the course reserves.
    • Need a topic? Here are some keywords to help stimulate ideas:
      • TOPICS
        • maker movement
        • desktop fabrication
        • manufacturing
        • globalization
        • New York industry
        • STEM
      • ISSUES
        • equality and accessibility
        • race/ethnicity
        • gender
        • socioeconomics
        • history and development
        • education