NYU “Made in the Machine,” Session 1: Intros


  • Welcome to “Made in the Machine”


Assignments for Feb 11

  • This week:
    • Explore the Craft Room.
    • Determine what kinds of materials you need for each machine.
    • Set up a blog if you haven’t already, with a category for this class.
  • By Feb 4:
    • Pick a machine to focus on for the next few weeks.
    • Draft a Process Example for your chosen machine and post it to your blog. Like the RepRap example in the lecture slides, this should include
      • A product comparison
      • A simple structural flowchart
      • Popular models of this type of machine
      • Important terms
      • A discussion of its usage, licensing, IP issues, forums, etc.
  • By Feb 11:
    • Run through a tutorial for your chosen machine and make a simple test project.
    • Document the project on your blog. Include usage tips and reflections on the process. Your post should include
      • An image of your project
      • A list of the materials and resources you used
      • Challenges you encountered
      • Thoughts on next steps