Data Vis Session 12: Prep for Final!



  • 6:30-6:45 Announcements and Updates
  • 6:45-8:45ย One-on-one sessions
    • Tania van Bergen: General Storytelling Feedback
    • Arlene: focus on Context/Analysis requirements, answers forย any remaining questions
  • 8:45ย Class Evaluations

Final Assignments

  1. Final presentations onย December 10!ย I will post the order of presentations this weekend. Be prepared to present forย 10-20ย minutes, followed by 10-20 minutes of Q&A. I will issue a preliminary final grade on December 14.
  2. Final Grade Checklist
    • Final presentation + Interactive Visualization
    • Slideshow + 800 word paper + MLA bibliography of 5 works or more
    • 5 blog posts. If you have any unexcused absences, be sure to write an expanded post(s). Posts can include
      • Timeline.js experiments
      • Persona Design exercise and human-centered design
      • QGIS and threejs exercise
      • Yourย email about your final project (please post this to make it easier for me)
      • R exercise
      • Any physical computing experiments
      • Any other technical exercises
      • Any reflections on class and/orย our guest speakers
  3. Final Grades will be issued on December 21.ย You will have about a week to update your work between Dec 14 and Dec 21.