Diversity & Tech #17 (November 1)


New items in the “Bodily Autonomy” and “Spatial Sovereignty” sections of Reading/Watching/Listening.

Midterm grades should be up by Friday.
Not getting the grade you want? Don’t leave points on the table!…

  • A few students have several unexcused absences, which impacts grades significantly. For more information, please refer to the “Attendance” policy of the syllabus.
  • Don’t forget to share news items and participate during class.
  • Be sure to go through the relevant grade sheet before submitting your article.
    • Most students did a fine job with most “Cultural Competence” items except hyperbole. (Congrats, this is no easy thing!) However, a few “Research Competence” items were frequently overlooked. Many of these items are very simple to address. We will discuss during forthcoming live-edit sessions.

Agenda. Note the revised time allocations:


  1. Last chance: please fill out this form to grant or deny permission for your midterm to be respectfully live-edited during an upcoming class.
  2. Read/listen/watch, take notes, and be ready for in-class timed exercises & discussions on: 
  3. Add relevant a news item to D&T News Items 2023.