Diversity & Tech #10 (October 10)


  • News (20)
  • Timed Exercise (30)
  • Cultural Competence (30)
  • Discussion (30)
    • Note for tomorrow’s discussion: to allow for more questions from the three discussion leaders, the discussion will be 40 minutes.


  1. Read/listen/watch, take notes, and be ready for in-class timed exercises & discussions on: 
    • The next 3 chapters of Sister Outsider: “Sexism: An American Disease in Blackface,” “An Open Letter to Mary Daly,” and “Man Child: A Black Lesbian Feminist’s Response.”
      • In the audio, this is Part 3, 45 minutes.
    • Weil: “You Are Not a Parrot” a.k.a. “ChatGPT is Nothing Like a Human” (New York Magazine)
      • If the first link above doesn’t work, the second link is a PDF version in the Class Books folder.
  2. Continue to research and prepare your midterm article.
  3. AND: which current technology issues come to mind from your reading? Please find a news item about a relevant technology to the newest tab in D&T News Items 2023.