D&T 2022 #24 πŸ›Ί MakerGarage & Game


This Friday: NYU Environmental and Racial Justice Network (ERJN) Fall Summit


  • Walk to MakerGarage. MakerGarage is a space for the VIP teams and Mechanical Engineering senior design teams to have long term storage for their semester long (or several semesters long) projects. There are no additional spaces available for students outside of these programs. However, if they are interested in using some of the tools in the garage that are not available in the MakerSpace, they are welcome to get MakerGarage training. To do so, they will need toΒ watch our online video and also make an appointment on the MakerGarage websiteΒ for an in-person training session.Β 
  • MakerGarage arrival
  • D&T Game:

Assignment due next week

Due December 5: Writing Center summary due at the bottom of your Google Doc. In two or three paragraphs, please include 

  • The name of the WC staff you met, and the date of your meeting.
  • The main suggestions from the WC staff.
  • Any additional notes or thoughts that you took away from your session.

Due December 7: Peer Review 2

  • At least 20 written comments are required.
    • When you’re reviewing your peer’s paper, please edit in or leave comments.
    • After you write the 20 comments, you can earn extra credit by making bold/italic/underline edits (in SUGGESTION MODE) using the code I used (cultural/hyperbole/research issues). 
    • Please focus onΒ Research CompetenciesΒ in your review, using
    • However, if any cultural competency issues stand out to you, please do highlight these in your comments.
    • When you download and send your Peer Review 2, please add your name to the end of the document name. For example: β€œD&T Doc – Parker,Peter – reviewed by Miles Morales”