D&T 2022 #23 πŸ›‚ Check-ins



  • Two more notes for your papers:
    • For Next Steps: highlight next steps from your research, limitations in the sources, limitations in your methods. Note other research not directly related to your research.
    • (If applicable) To justify why you only reviewed the β€œfirst or second page of the results,” talk about the scope of the project and available resources.
  • Live edits
  • Activity: DEI issues in biomedical tech
  • Live edits

Assignment due next week

Due December 5: Writing Center summary due at the bottom of your Google Doc. In two or three paragraphs, please include 

  • The name of the WC staff you met, and the date of your meeting.
  • The main suggestions from the WC staff.
  • Any additional notes or thoughts that you took away from your session.

Due December 7: Peer Review 2

  • At least 20 written comments are required.
    • When you’re reviewing your peer’s paper, please edit in or leave comments.
    • After you write the 20 comments, you can earn extra credit by making bold/italic/underline edits (in SUGGESTION MODE) using the code I used (cultural/hyperbole/research issues). 
    • Please focus on Research Competencies in your review, using
    • However, if any cultural competency issues stand out to you, please do highlight these in your comments.
    • When you download and send your Peer Review 2, please add your name to the end of the document name. For example: β€œD&T Doc – Parker,Peter – reviewed by Miles Morales”