D&T 2022 #20🦿Disability Zone


Next in-person session: November 30
December in-person session TBD (working on scheduling a field trip to Maker Garage)

  • 11/21: Online Guest Speaker Kavin Wyatt
    • Peer Review 1 due.
    • Peer Review 2 partner assignments will be announced.
  • 11/23: No class, but please clean up your draft for Peer Review 2.
  • 12/5: Writing Center summary due (at the bottom of your paper’s Google Doc).
  • 12/7: Peer Review 2 comments due
  • 12/14: Final slide presentations
  • 12/17: First final draft deadline (if you want your grade by 12/24)
  • 12/23: Second final draft deadline (if you can wait until 2023 for your grade)


Disability Zone. As a courtesy to our guest speakers, please upload a profile pic to your Zoom account.


Due next Monday, November 21: Peer Review 1. 

  • At least 20 written comments are required.
    • When you’re reviewing your peer’s paper, please edit in or leave comments.
    • After you write the 20 comments, you can earn extra credit by making bold/italic/underline edits (in SUGGESTION MODE) using the code I used (cultural/hyperbole/research issues). 
  • Please focus on Cultural Competencies in your review. Use the Cultural Competency Guide section of the Project Resources post to guide your review. Specifically, use:
  • IMPORTANT: When you’ve finished your review, download your partner’s Google Doc as a Word file, then send me the Word file. You must do this to earn credit for Peer Review 1.
  • PLEASE don’t resolve any of your peer reviewer’s comments, or accept/reject any of their suggestions, until they’ve sent me the Word file of their comments.