D&T 2022 #18 🌈 Peer Review Begins, LGBTQ Training


  • DUE NOW:
    • Add your Writing Center appointment details to this spreadsheet
    • If you’re writing your paper in a separate doc, please paste it into your “official” document now.
  • Do I owe anyone any comment replies or feedback? Do I owe anyone links to resources? If so, please DM me during class today.
  • POLL: What’s your preference for Wednesday’s class?

11/18: Action Zone Bystander Intervention training. I took it last year; it’s fun!
You can take the training (or any other upcoming OGI trainings) and get extra credit in this class if you send me a 200-word write up. This can be handy if you feel uncertain about your paper or participation.


  • LGBTQ Training
  • Peer Review: Please share your doc with your assigned peer reviewer.
    • If you want to ask for feedback from other students with a similar topic, please feel free to do so!
    • I made pairings based on subject, progress, and complementary strengths.
  • Project Resources: APA chapter


Due November 21: Peer Review 1. At least 20 comments are required.

  • Please focus on Cultural Competencies in your review. Use the Cultural Competency Guide section of the Project Resources post to guide your review.
  • When you’ve finished your review, download your partner’s Google Doc as a Word file, then send me the Word file.
  • PLEASE don’t resolve any of your peer reviewer’s comments, or accept/reject any of their suggestions, until they’ve sent me the Word file of their comments.