D&T 2022 #6: Starting Your Project 🎬🏁

Announcements / Administrivia

Agenda: Community Partner Talks

Assignment: 300 more words!

  • If you haven’t already, build that bibliography! I’ll expect to see at least 10 scholarly sources for the full draft.
  • Start drafting your Intro/Background and Problem/Significance. If you feel stumped, just list out bullet points.
    • Be sure to address diversity by CLEARLY defining the marginalized populations, identities, and demographics you’re researching. Go back to the diversity style guides we’ve studied–and let them guide you!
    • Be sure to address technology by describing the technologies you’re researching as specifically as you can.
      • For example, β€œTikTok” is more specific than β€œSocial Media,” which is more specific than the β€œInternet.”
      • Another example: “Deep Learning Applications for Autonomous Vehicles” is more specific than “Deep Learning,” which is more specific than “AI.”
  • You should have 600 original words (total) in your doc by Thursday.