D&T 2022 #2️⃣: Basics ???‍? ???‍????‍??


  • Tech check (classroom tech and Zoom)
  • Most classes require login to NYU (e.g. via home, Libraries,etc).
  • NYU CMEP Newsletter contains many relevant opportunities and events
  • Note updates to Project Resources


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  • OUTSIDE: Please get into groups of three with classmates you don’t already know and walk to the steps of the Wunsch Building, where we will reconvene. With your group, please discuss what resonated with you from last week’s readings on Diversity, Technology, and Protected Identities. What are your group members’ salient social identities (SSI)?

Assignment (due 14 Sept)

Read the following, then type your thoughts on a new slide(s) in this Google slideshow (NYU login required).

  • Read Cal State University’s Diversity/Inclusivity Style Guide. It has inspired other university DEI guides, including one at University of Iowa.
  • Read Study.com’s DEI Style Guide.
  • Please answer the prompt questions: 
    • Of these style guides, which pieces were the most useful and relevant for your work? 
    • Which were the most surprising? 
    • Are there any parts that struck you as irrelevant or inappropriate?
  • Please also note any research designs that look potentially applicable for your work in this class:

Optional: Write 300+ words about what you read, to start building those writing muscles leading up to Week 3!