NYU D&T #27 🌈Your Choice: Pop Culture, Comics, LGBTQ+ Training


Beyond class

  • I 🧑 nominating D&T students
  • AnitaB.org (of the Grace Hopper Conference) is collecting responses for the Technical Equity Experience Survey. The previous survey has many salient findings. There will also be a drawing for free conference admission.


  • Whichever gets the most votes:
    • Open work session
    • LGBTQ+ training: terms & concepts (based on Intro to LGBTQ+ at NYU)
    • Identity Bias (e.g. microaggressions) inΒ pop culture
    • Identity Bias in Marvel Comics

Assignment (see Due Dates for important links)

  • 12/14: Class will be on a different Zoom link. Check your NYU email and/or calendar for the link!!
  • Due Tuesday 12/14: Final presentations. You MUST present except for serious emergencies; if you cannot present, I will expect documentation of your emergency. Please make 1 presentation slide inΒ this deck.Β 
    • IMPORTANT: I sent you an alternate Zoom link for our final class (so the visitors don’t have to log in.)
    • I’ll add a brief comment to your paper around December 15-16.
  • Due December 24 at 11AM: Final papers.