NYU D&T #26 πŸ˜ƒ Emojis & Inclusion ❇️ Final 1-on-1s or Trainings 🌈


  • Zoom check – reminder on ID pics
  • Class evaluation
  • Final Gradesheet is ready: see today’s Assignments section or D&T Due Dates
  • I 🧑 nominating D&T students
    • TCS Writing Awards – I’ll remind you to opt-in at the top of your final paper.
    • Nominations forΒ MLK / Patricia M. Carey Changemaker Award. If you’re interested, please email me with some info relevant to the award (a resume, paragraph, or website about your community leadership, etc).
  • Reminder: Thursday is our last in-person session, but it’s okay to attend remotely; we’ll be talking about pop culture. I plan to bring very small gifts for everyone attending in person. 🎁


  • Emojis & Inclusion Workshop
  • 1-on-1s OR LGBTQ+ training
    • Also note: you can schedule 15-minute line-edit sessions with me on most afternoons. Ask after class or email me to schedule.
    • You can schedule 1-on-1, 45-minute online writing sessions through NYU Writing Center.


  • TODAY: Peer Review 2 is due. If you haven’t already, email me the DOCX file of the doc you reviewed… now!
  • NEXT TUESDAY: Final presentations. You MUST present except for serious emergencies; if you cannot present, I will expect documentation of your emergency. Please make 1 presentation slide in this deck.
    • IMPORTANT: I will send you an alternate Zoom link for our final class (so the visitors don’t have to log in.)
    • I’ll add a brief comment to your paper around December 15-16.
  • December 24 at 11AM: Final papers are due. Please see the final gradesheet to see how I’ll grade your paper. (If you finish early, please email to let me know.) All I want for the holidays are good final papers πŸ˜‰