NYU D&T #21 πŸ€“ Last Peer Review Sessions πŸ₯Έ


  • Calendar adjustment? Let me know if this looks feasible:
    • Finish Peer review today, 11/16. Send Prof your reviewed DOCX file.
    • Quickly clean your paper between 11/16-11/18.
    • Work on Round 2 comments from 11/18-12/2. This will occur outside of class.
    • Round 2 comments due on 12/2? Later?
  • Final draft due 12/19… or later? After the end of exams? 12/24?
    I’d rather see quality work than rushed work! And it’s feasible for me to wait.


Final Peer Review Session

You can likely finish and email me your peer review during today’s class. If you won’t be able to wrap up peer review in class today, please let me know.

When you finish your review/comments/edit, please DOWNLOAD the paper as a DOCX and email it to me so I can see your full review before your group member starts their next revisions. 

Please don’t start working to address the comments in your paper until everyone in your group is finished with their review/edits/comments and has emailed the DOCX files to me.

Once your group wraps up peer review, you can move on to the assignment below.

Assignment due 11/23: Quick Cleanup 🧹🧹

  • Only do this once your entire group is finished with peer review and has emailed the DOCX files to me:
    Please address all the smaller comments and resolve them. This way, your paper will be cleaner for Round 2 of Peer Review, which will begin on 11/23 and take place outside of class.