NYU D&T #19 🎎 Peer Review Sessions 🀝


  • Tech check
  • Seating check
  • Giveaways 
  • Next week: Diversity in STEM Summit
  • TED Ed animation: The Immortal Cells of Henrietta Lacks
  • Now in Project Resources: Useful links from NYU Data Services, APA Style guide
  • Zoom pics: As a courtesy to our upcoming Zoom guest speakers, please either add an ID pic to your Zoom account, or add an ID pic as a background (and use tape on your camera). That way the visitors won’t encounter a grid of blank boxes on the Zoom screen.

Agenda: Peer Review Sessions

Today your REAL paper will start to emerge!

  • For this round, I’ve grouped relevant papers together. Round 2 groupings will be random.
  • Please type in chat if you have to leave right at 3:50, so I won’t time your group to go last.
  • I will hang out in Breakout Room 1 and call groups in.
    • I’ll answer questions and live-edit each paper for about 10 minutes.
  • When you’re not with me, please start working on peer review in your groups.
    • It might be helpful to let your group member(s) know where you are with your paper.
    • Be sure to SHARE your paper so your group member can edit!
    • When you’re reviewing your peer’s paper, please edit in SUGGESTION MODE or leave comments.
    • You can go with your group into a different Breakout room, or DM each other in the main room.
    • Does someone(s) want to play tunes?
  • We will continue Peer Review Sessions on Thursday, after the visit from HAART Kenya.

Peer Review Tips: Cultural Competencies
(Note: this is a bit different from Prof’s previous review processes)

  • Review the Cultural Competencies part of the Project Checklist.
  • Read your peer’s entire paper.
  • Review the Cultural Competencies checklist again.
  • Start commenting/editing in your peer’s paper.
    • You can start with shorthand, e.g. “cite evidence,” “hyperbolic,” etc.
    • Later, be sure to flesh out out major comments.


Focus on writing comments in your peer’s paper. 20 substantive comments are due next week.

Start by focusing on Cultural Competencies (and use the entire Project Checklist as you go).

And if you’re working on a paper relevant to HAART Kenya, PLEASE arrive to Thursday’s class at 2PM sharp so you won’t miss the guest speaker and the opportunity to ask questions. It’ll only be 15 minutes!