NYU D&T #10: Hard Concepts ?? Spot Checks For Real ????


  • Tech check
  • Seating check
  • Giveaways! 
  • Last chance: input on Inside Ideas.
  • No class next Tuesday 10/12
  • Thursday, 10/7: a visit from Verbatim Performance Lab, then a walk to Brooklyn Navy Yard
  • Thursday, 10/21: Remote class with a training on Microaggressions
  • Thursday, 10/28: Emoji workshop
  • South of Atlantic is now Cobble Hill

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Agenda Hour 1: Checklists for Your Next Checkpoint

Thanks for sharing your papers so far!

Important DEI Concepts (this is why we read the Style Guides first). I’m sharing mostly Wikipedia links so you can have concise definitions/discussions. Open Your Papers and add notes so you can address these!

Paper Patterns. Keep those papers open and make notes as we do SPOT CHECKS

  • For metaverse papers: Online gaming as meta-verse proxy
  • What’s the geography/language?
  • Use some kind of indicator like “(REF)” to show that a reference will be added later.
  • Try to take a neutral tone and approach. This is not a sales pitch!
  • Cite all assertions and assumptions. This is not a memoir! And citations help with transparency, accountability and harm reduction.
  • Define colloquial and localized terms that won’t be understandable to every English speaker.
  • Spell out acronyms when introducing them.
  • Retitle the “Review” section to “Methods”
  • Consider “Results” as “Findings”
  • Works Cited:
    • Who is the author? Where are they working? What biases might they have?
    • Note the number of required scholarly articles.
    • Note that “scholarly” articles must be peer-reviewed: include the DOI number in adherence to APA style.
  • “Results:”
    • How to synthesize without plagiarizing

More useful guides

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Agenda: Hour 2 Inside

  • In groups, discuss which of the Important Concepts above is the most new to you. Discuss how you’ll update your paper with these concepts in mind.
  • Check in and give me the summary!

Assignment: 300 words and…

  • Please review the Important Concepts above and (critically) read more about any concepts that are unfamiliar to you. This will help minimize unconscious bias and the unconscious harm, which can be very difficult to catch in our own work and our own selves. Peer Review 1 will focus on potential harm, but start thinking about this more deeply. We will return to these concepts in future classes.
  • Take some time to make sure all the “Paper Patterns” above are addressed in your paper. I will use this as a checklist at the next checkpoint.
  • Start focusing on “Methods.” (Formerly “Review”). Explain your choices and processes in compiling your Works Cited / Bibliography. If I left suggestions in this section, address the suggestions first.