NYU D&T #9: Spot Checks & Outside ????????????


  • Tech check
  • No seating check (remote)
  • Giveaways! 
  • Now I could use your input on Inside Ideas.
  • Next Thursday: a visit from Verbatim Performance lab

More interesting orgs and events

Giraffe on Emojipedia 11.1

Agenda: Hour 1ish (will try to end by 2:40)

  • If you want to leave a question for me in your doc(s), please add “@ad161@nyu.edu” in the comment.
  • Start to think about making your title more specific.
    • Is it a systematic review? Or more of a narrative/critical/traditional review?
  • Please be sure to address in your papers:
    • What’s the geography/language?
    • Are there any other demographic specifics? If so, specify them!
    • What’s the marginalized/justice aspect?
    • Do your best to cite any assertions!!!
    • Note that “scholarly” articles must be peer-reviewed.
  • For trafficking researchers: LGBTQ+ populations. Read both the Brady and Lockyer papers. Note the “Palermo Protocol.”
  • Spot check
Leopard on WhatsApp

Agenda: Hour 2ish

  • Walk: Native American Landmarks – Fulton Mall and Cuyler Presbyterian
  • Groups: Today, I pre-grouped you by similar (but not identical) research topics!
    In your groups, please share thoughts on what you’re researching and check in me during the walk.
  • If you want to know more about Mohawks in Brooklyn, see the links below the Assignment.

Assignment: Next 300 words

  • You know what to do. Please be ready for more spot checks on Tuesday.

Mohawk Walk – Links