NYU D&T #7: Taking It Easy ?????? While Still Making Progress ✅


  • Tech check
  • No seating check (remote)
  • Giveaways! 
  • Thanks for your Outside Ideas. I’m still aiming for our class to go outside when possible… while acknowledging recent events.
  • D&T Resources are now in their own page! And in the “Diversity” menu of this site.
  • IMPORTANT: All checkpoints are now on THURSDAYS until Thanksgiving. (This gives you more time for some of the checkpoints.) The syllabus has been updated with these dates.
    • 1200 words (total) due September 30.
    • 2400 words (total) due October 14.
    • 3000 words (total) due October 21.
    • 4000 words (20-pages) full draft, due November 4. (Completion check and comments only.)
    • 10% 20-comment Peer Review 1, due November 18.
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  • Before we get into class business, we will have a brief visit from counselors at the Wellness Exchange.
  • I also wrote up my account for Campus Safety and wanted to share it since it mentions this class. (Only members of this class currently have access. The document does not mention any student names.)
  • You are welcome to comment and/or write up your own account to send to Captain West @ Campus Safety.
  • Might be useful to review the Dart Guide for Trauma-Informed Journalism
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Agenda: Hour 1

  • Reminder: 1200 words by September 30. See syllabus for more details.
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Agenda: Hour 2

  • We will keep it chill today. I will make a breakout room so you can drop it to ask questions 1-on-1.

Assignment: 300 more words

  • Take it easy, but keep building that paper.
  • Keep drafting your Intro/Background and Problem/Significance. Pay particular attention to naming and scoping the Diversity/DEI/human element of these sections.
  • Try to add a sentence or two to all the other sections, so as to outline your project plans.
  • Aim to have about 900 original words (total) in your doc by Tuesday.
  • I will start leaving substance-oriented comments in docs that are further along, and word count-oriented comments in docs that need it!