NYU D&T #6: Starting Your Project 🎬🏁


Clapper Board on Skype Emoticons 1.2

Agenda: Hour 1

🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻 More on Research Guides (If not today, then definitely rainy Thursday)

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Agenda: Hour 2

  • Outside Ideas: Also in the future, you’ll have time to chat with others doing similar projects.
  • Randomly assigned groups? Or let’s take a break.
  • Possible destination: a former Mohawk church
  • For your participation grade, if you haven’t already spoken in class, please find me for a brief chat about anything relevant to this class. If there’s a line behind you, please keep your comments brief.

Assignment: 300 more words!

  • If you haven’t already, build that bibliography! Depending on your project, I’ll expect to see 3-10 scholarly sources for the full draft.
    • For qualitative data analysis, you’ll spend more time reading/listening to interviews than conducting lit review.
  • Start drafting your Intro/Background and Problem/Significance. If you feel stumped, just list out bullet points.
    • Be sure to address “diversity” by CLEARLY defining the marginalized populations, identities, and demographics you’re researching. Go back to the diversity style guides we’ve studied–and let them guide you!
    • Be sure to address technology by describing the technologies you’re researching as specifically as you can|(E.g. “TikTok” is more specific than “Social Media,” which is more specific than the “Internet.”)
      I’m putting less emphasis on this since many engineering students tend to have an easier time with the technology component.
  • You should have 600 original words (total) in your doc by Thursday.
  • remote on Thursday