NYU D&T #4: Get Ready! 🦾πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ🏿πŸ’ͺ🏽πŸ’ͺ🏾🦾


  • Tech check (classroom tech and Zoom)
  • Seating check
  • Please fill out the D&T Intake Form. Thanks to everyone who’s filled it out so far, your insights are EXTREMELY helpful.
  • For trans, nonbinary, and gender-expansive students: Paid Survey from NYU LGBTQ+ Center to Share Your Experiences with Misgendering & Deadnaming at NYU
  • For art-interested technology students: Jess X. Snow, grad artist-in-residence at NYU A/P/A Institute, has a call for student technologists and artists in thisΒ google doc.
Flamingo on Samsung One UI 3.1.1

Agenda: Hour 1

  • Syllabus: Final Review of the Syllabus.
    • Update: No class on October 12, so December 14 will be our final class. Please still plan to have 2400 words by October 12.
    • Update: Since the desks and chairs change each week, seating assignments won’t be locked, I’ll just note the seating every class.
    • Notes on going outside:
      • Thanks for the feedback on backpacks and the difficulty of talking/hearing.
      • Upcoming outside places: Dibner, the original NYU Tandon, Native American walk… any other ideas?
      • Any ideas on places to walk around on this floor or inside this building, when it’s raining?… maybe 1-on-1s?…
    • Thursday: Your writing will begin! I’ll create a Google doc for each person in class, and add links to article templates. This will be the doc you work in for the rest of the semester.


Umbrella on Ground on WhatsApp

Agenda: Hour 2

  • Outside: Today we will walk to the Wunsch Building again, and then along purported Underground Railroad tunnels to 227 Duffield Street. You’ll be walking in randomly selected groups of 3 and discussing the points below. For your participation grade as we walk, I’ll check in with each small group. You won’t have to shout to the entire class.
    • Discuss the International Journalists Network article about trauma-informed journalism and the Dart Center guide discussed in the article. Protected and marginalized identities are mentioned in the Dart Center guide.
      Each person in the group will be responsible to summarize the group’s response for one of the following questions:
      1. How is this guide different from the other Diversity Style Guides you’ve read?
      2. How might it be relevant to your work process this semester?
      3. How might it be relevant to today’s mini field trip?
    • If there’s time, also recall the list of Protected Classes and Identities and discuss the social identity in which you have the most privilege. (This is the second part of an icebreaker I’ve called “Speak your truth, check your privilege.) If there’s time, I’ll come back to your group and check in. After that, feel free to drift to other groups.


Last assignment without a writing requirement! I still HIGHLY recommend that you try to write 300+ words about what you read. Starting on Thursday, you’ll be required to write at a pace of about 300 words per class.