3DVE #15 Final Presentations! ???????????????????????



  • Reminder: for Unity Project 5s, please submit all the project subdirectories as a zip file.
  • Reminder: for Unity Project 5s, please fullscreen your environment and minimize the Unity UI.
  • Project 5 Presentations and Critiques
    • Everyone can share their screens today.
    • For each student presentation, I’ll ask two other students to speak: one student will offer a short appreciation and another student will offer a brief suggestion. All students can type additional thoughts in the chat.
    • Please limit your comments to one of the following attributes:
      • AUDIENCE: would this animation potentially serve or not serve specific people(s)?
      • INFORMATION: is a narrative or important data clearly conveyed?
      • MOOD: how do the pacing, movement, form, & color establish an environment?
  • If we have time: Internship/job ops & thoughts
  • If we have time: books

Assignments: only extra credit can be submitted after today. EC cannot replace projects.

  • Check the Projects + Extra Credit page for EC options. For any extra credit option, please write up 3+ paragraphs to have your EC count as a full assignment. Three or more fully completed EC assignments can help to raise your grade significantly.
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