3DVE #14 πŸ₯˜πŸ₯— 1-on-1s


  • Contacting Prof this week
  • AAPI Forum on May 26 (see bottom of page for poster)
  • Books instead of microcontrollers?

Agenda (not recording today)

  • 1-on-1s. I’ll speak with each of you 1-on-1 while you work on your project. I’ll give you an update on your grade and make suggestions if needed.
    • Please indicate in the chat if you need to leave immediately at 6PM so I can prioritize you during class.
  • If you need or can provide help on the tech topic, you can pop into a separate breakout room; I’ll make 4 multipurpose breakout rooms that anyone can go into.
  • If you help another student and they verify that you significantly helped them, you get 1 pt of extra credit added to your overall grade.
  • If you haven’t already, please fill out an anonymous Teacher Evaluation for Prof D. Thanks!
  • Want extra credit ideas on Audre Lorde?


  •  Project 5 is due before class next week. Please come to class ready to share and say farewell! πŸ’–
    • The project must be submitted on time. NO EXCEPTIONS without an official accommodation from the Office of Accessibility (accessability@hunter.cuny.edu or call (212) 772-4857).
    • Like with Project 3, we will prioritize a more formal critique in the first part of class, in which I’ll ask folks for “appreciations” and “suggestions” for the parameters of AUDIENCE, INFORMATION, and MOOD. I’ll ask for more feedback on AUDIENCE this time.
  • If you owe any previous project(s), get them in next week or please discuss an alternate plan with Prof! I will submit grades immediately after class for most students.

Announcements: Extra Credit

Poster for May 26 AAPI Forum