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  • 3:10 
    • Note: Project 4 is due next week. To this end:
      • Tutorial: Building and submitting a build for next week. Note that the Physics Playground has build bugs. I’m working on debugging this, but it won’t be ready for next week, so you can screen record if you’re encountering export bugs.
      • Tutorial: Making/importing your own prefabs in the playground. My steps:
        1. Get/make the model you want (in my case, I got the coronavirus model from the NIH 3D print exchange).
        2. Copy the model into your project’s Assets > Models folder (make this if it isn’t already there)
        3. In your project, turn the model into a prefab by going to the Assets menu and choosing
          Create > Prefab (or Create > Prefab Variant).
        4. If this option isn’t available,
          • Make an empty project
          • Make your model into a prefab there
          • Drag it into the Physics Playground (or whatever project you’re using).
        5. In your MainScene’s Manager, add the prefab to the list of objects.
          • If you’re using the COVID model, you will need to scale it up.
        6. You can now instantiate it in the playground. But it doesn’t demonstrate physics.
        7. To make it float, collide, etc, add a Rigidbody and Mesh Collider to the prefab. For now, use the covid “Membrane” sub-model as the mesh.
        8. For more info, consult the Prefab section of the Unity manual.
      • Other notes:
        • texture
        • code
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  • Technical Stuff
    • Project 4 is due next week before class. Please email me the usual question answers (see full spec) and share a link to either
      1. A 2+ minute screen recording
      2. BOTH a Unity MacOS build AND your project files (in case I can’t open your build on my Mac).
    • Next week’s “critique” will be more of a technical discussion. Since there won’t be time for me to download/install/run your projects before class, it will be best for you to share your own screens, so please be prepared to do so next week.
  • Conceptual Stuff

Announcements: Extra Credit

  • Check the Projects + Extra Credit page for more EC options. If any of your projects are late, I strongly encourage you to submit extra credit work.