NYU D&T 26 🏳️‍🌈 Intro to LGBTQ+ 🏳️‍🌈 Final Project Bits 👾👾

Announcements: Class

  • Please remind me to press “RECORD” if needed.
  • Some options for recording your webcam + screen:
  • Final Project Brief updates (will discuss on Thursday):
    • Guest speaker emails are here (also linked from the final project brief).
    • Solution Flowchart: Please be able to explain the Who/What/When/Where/Why to justify your flowchart as representing a solution. Use the annotated bibliography and presentation to add detail to this explanation. 
    • Data Visualization: If you’re using NYU Institutional Research Data, be sure to make different visualizations than what’s shown in the Factbook



  • Due Tuesday, 12/8: 
    • Phase 2, Blog Post #13.
      • Please discuss the Introduction to LGBTQ+ at NYU by Chris Woods. What did you learn? What might be some ways that new technologies can better acknowledge and support some of the identities discussed during this session?
      • Please read (through Course Reserves) or listen to the Introduction of The Autobiography of a Transgender Scientist. How does Ben Barres’ life and journey reflect concepts from today’s session with Chris Woods?

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