NYU D&T 24 ? Social Innovation in India ?? Soul of Reason Pt.2 ??

Announcements: Class

  • Please remind me to press “RECORD” if needed.
  • Konch.ai: Let me know if you’d like your account access to be extended (it will expire tomorrow). Your Konch transcription will count as a small part of your blog post grade.
  • Final Project Brief: We won’t have much time to discuss today, but the project brief has been finalized and we will discuss further next week.
    • If you want to start drafting your project and would like me to quickly review your draft for feedback, you are welcome to send it over.



  • Due Tuesday, 12/1: 
    • Phase 2, Blog Post #11. Please discuss
      • NYU Libraries’ choice of Konch.ai, as discussed by Carol Kassel. Konch is one of the newer technologies we’re discussing and using in class. What are some of the considerations for using such new technology, particularly in the context of diversity? (see links above)
      • Rewant Prakash’s work, including his work with Vihara Innovation Network and The Waste Collective. What might be some important considerations in developing new technologies to encourage responsible family planning in rural India?
    • Please finish your transcription in Konch. If you need more time beyond tomorrow, 11/25, please type in chat during class OR email me and cc soulofreason [at] nyu.edu.

Announcements: Extra Credit


  • More soon. Happy holiday!