NYU D&T 17 πŸŽƒ Citizen Media in Kenya πŸ‡°πŸ‡ͺ + More Accessibility and Public Space 🚽

Announcements: Class

Agenda (may be re-ordered to work with guest speaker’s schedule)


  • Due Tuesday, 11/3:Β Phase 2, Blog Post #4.
    • PleaseΒ discuss Joshua Ogure’s presentation of Kibera News Network and Map Kibera Trust. (If you would like learn even more, see the PBS video linked in the Extra Credit section below).
    • We will discuss algorithmic bias as part of Tuesday’s class on election tech. Please read the “Introduction” chapter of Algorithms of Oppression OR Automating Inequality, discuss the algorithms highlighted, and the people affected by these algorithms. Please pick the book that’s less familiar to you.

Announcements + Extra Credit