NYU D&T 13: Midterm 1-on-1s βœ…

Announcements: Class

  • Please remind me to press β€œRECORD” if needed. I will stop recording when we start 1-on-1s. Thanks.
  • NYU Opportunity for underrepresented students:Β Pipelines in Quantitative Aging Research Summer Program
  • NYU Accommodations for Student Participation in Election Activities
  • Next week: Midterm feedback (for the class)



  • Due Tuesday, 10/20Phase 1, Blog Post #13. Since your midterm is due on Tuesday, Blog Post #13 can be very brief.
    • If you haven’t already, please discuss your β€œsocial media diet.” Are you an avid user, occasional user, or non-user of social media, and why? What platforms do you use? If you use social media, what issues do you see (either in content or functionality) of the platforms you use?
    • If you’ve already discussed this in Blog Post #12, please use post #13 to discuss whatever you’d like, in the domain of Diversity and Technology (e.g. your midterm, what you’d like to do in Phase 2, suggestions for Phase 2, thoughts on current events, etc.)

Announcements + Extra Credit

  • Events: [Will post soon]
  • Write a post about the events above or any of the following:
    • Introduction to Spiral to the Stars: Mvskoke Tools of Futurity by Laura Harjo. The section Methodological Trajectory (pp. 14-26) talks about the technologies, and the limitations of using these technologies, deployed for preserving Mvskoke (Muskogee) tribal land.


Election Volunteer Opportunities with Immigrant Justice Fund