Session 11: Rights, Justice, Experience, Feedback, Prep for Final!



  • 12:10-12:15: Announcements
  • 12:15-12:35: Colleen Kaman, IBM iX
  • 12:35-12:55: Bex Hurwitz, RightsCon
  • 12:55-1:15: Q&A
  • 1:15-1:25: BREAK
  • 1:25-3:00: Play/user/demo Sessions and work time. Be prepared to play test, user test, demo, or discuss with Bex or Colleen in the time slot below. When you’re not in a feedback session, please work on your project. You’re also welcome to grab classmates or me for additional feedback.
1:25 – 1:50 PM 1:55 – 2:20 PM 2:30 – 2:55 PM
Bex Hurwitz Collective Pulse Spectral Light RailSense
Colleen Kaman SQUID RoomSense Pulse Map


ASSIGNMENT FOR NEXT WEEK: Final Presentation!!!

  • PRESENTATION. Please prepare a 10-15 presentation for next week. I will publish a schedule in a few days.
  • DEMO: Weather permitting, we will have a low-key, outdoor demo in the last 30-60 minutes of class, so please bring the technology you have, and try to make it modular. I won’t evaluate you on your project “functionality” during demo time, but it will be great to see, celebrate, and discuss your project in action!
  • DELIVERABLES. Please include in a final post on all of your blogs, due May 1.
    • your slides
    • your write-up, which should integrate these previous assignments:
      • your literature review.
      • your data visualization(s).
      • a reflection on the user/persona design exercise and process (with screenshot of class drawing exercise).
      • please use MLA-style citations (use parenthetical references) and include bibliography in MLA format.
    • a simple electronics wiring diagram
    • optional additional materials (video, photos of your team collecting data, etc)
  • If you’re borrowing any materials from me, you must return them by May 1 in order to receive a grade.
  • EVALUATION CRITERIA [more info here]
    • significance and usability of concept
    • execution of concept (instrument deployment)
    • significance of data (data collection, visualization)
    • how the project fits into “Quantified Self”
    • how the project fits into “About Town”
    • explanation of next steps or future work