NYU D&T Session 12: Social Tech APIs 🀳 More Midterm Prep πŸ“˜

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  • Due Thursday 10/15Phase 1, Blog Post #12: Please blog about one of the following prompts:
    • Discuss any midterm questions you’re still working out and might want to ask about on Thursday.
    • Discuss your “social media diet.” Are you an avid user, occasional user, or non-user of social media, and why? What platforms do you use? If you use social media, what issues do you see (either in content or functionality) of the platforms you use?

Announcements + Extra Credit

  • Events:Β [Will post soon]
  • Write a post about:
    • Introduction toΒ Spiral to the Stars: Mvskoke Tools of FuturityΒ by Laura Harjo. The sectionΒ Methodological TrajectoryΒ (pp. 14-26) talks about the technologies, and the limitations of using these technologies, deployed for preserving Mvskoke (Muskogee) tribal land.


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