NYU D&T Session #9: Medical Tech: The Finale 😷💉😳

Announcements: Class

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  • NEW: Speaker Calendar (in-progress), more organized Extra Credit page
  • Midterm Project Brief: will be posted by tomorrow 10/2, discussed/adjusted next week, due on 10/20.
  • November 19: class will be at the National Black Writers’ Conference. Unless it’s not okay with you, I’ll share your email so they can send you an attendance link. Let me know by tomorrow if you have questions/concerns.
  • Thank you for keeping me informed of your situation ahead of time.
  • Heaviness Breaks; Systemic ISMs (oppression)



  • Due Tuesday 10/6 :
    • If you haven’t already, please add a clip to Medical Bias Clips. Feel free to use other media, e.g. video game trailers, commercials, etc. It should be easy…
    • Phase 1, Blog Post #9: Please reflect on the relationships between:
    • Required Reading: Please one of the following place-oriented chapters from Diversity and Design. These are shorter (and less heavy) chapters than previous reading assignments, so please do this BY TUESDAY since we will use the reading in class.
      • Chapter 1: Designing the Martin Luther King Jr. (MLK) Memorial and National Museum of African American History and Culture
      • Chapter 2: Univ. of Virginia’s Shadow Catcher memorial and the university’s role in the slave trade of the antebellum South
      • Chapter 3: “Landscape Stories” as a means to recover the lost histories of ethnic groups in the United States.
      • Chapter 4: Shifting Spatial and Social Patterns in Shanghai Shikumen Architecture of China
      • Chapter 5: Architects at War: Designing Prison Cities for Japanese American Communities (including the editor’s intro)
      • Chapter 9: Designing LGBT Senior Housing: Triangle Square, Carefree Boulevard, and BOOM

Announcements + Extra Credit