NYU D&T 2020 Session #27: Recent grads and Final prep


  • Please remind me to press β€œRECORD” if needed. Thanks in advance.
  • Pass/Fail: Will be an option for all your classes until May 12.
    • For Tandon classes, the Pass/Fail form is here.
    • I would also recommend reviewing any Pass/Fail conversions with your advisor to make sure they are being submitted correctly.
    • All Tandon COVID-related announcements are here.
  • My request for Thursday: Please attend and be ready to turn your camera on for a bit to support your classmates and say good-bye. Thanks in advance!


Assignment: Final Requirements

  • Due on Thursday 5/7: post your FINAL PROJECT.
    • Be sure to post the MAIN DELIVERABLE (essay, flowchart, or story) AND the BIBLIOGRAPHY.
    • Be sure to post a VIDEO on Thursday or PRESENT live in class. Class will not be recorded.
    • Also please be sure to review the gradesheet for your project option (essay, flowchart, or story).
  • Due on Tuesday 5/12:
    • All Blog Assignments. The final blog assignment about today’s guest speakers (blog post #13) will be posted to the Blog Assignments page by 6pm today. Please be sure to clearly number and title your posts.
    • Any Final Project Revisions.
    • Any Midterm Revisions.
      • Please put any new midterm revisions in a new blog post and label it “Midterm Revision.”

Extra Credit

Listen to the Critical Consciousness Reflection audio, recorded last year by NYC transit worker Tyrone Bryant. If you’re willing to share some of your own answers to his questions, please do so in an essay that reflects how you will continue to work on diversity, inclusion, and representation in tech beyond the scope of this class.

Announcements (External)

  • Jobs @ NYC Fund for Public Health including FT Contact Tracers.
    • Contact Tracer II is a diversity-oriented job.
  • Open IDEO Reimagining Education Challenge
  • Via Mike Higgins (last week’s speaker on gentrification and tech)
    Activist colleague is researching suppression and the use of technology (ballot machines). He seeks a “computer immersed young person, politically locked in, open to trends and provocations below the public radar. To discuss story in progress for NY Daily News on GOP hacking into the software of the national voting machine network to change numbers in Trump’s favor 2016. Contact Lehman at lehman718@aol.com for more information.