NYU D&T 2020 Session #24: Intro to NYU LGBTQ+


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  • And a reminder that Phase 2 blog assignments are required. (This is meant to balance out the decreased grading emphasis on attendance and participation.) There’s no minimum word count for blog posts, but I suggest writing 1-3 paragraphs for each speaker. Please let me know if you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns.
  • Today’s session will involve interactive activities that make full use of the Zoom UI: hand raising, reactions, microphone, breakout rooms, etc. I hope that you’ll attend with an open mind and give this level of participation a try–I know it can be a lot right now. If you think this might not be for you, you are welcome to let me know in the chat (you can message me directly).
  • The preliminary Final Project Requirements are now posted and updated with a new “story-making” option. We will discuss them in class today. I will now wait until next Tuesday 4/28 to finalize this post.
  • Course Evaluations are now open. I’ll allot 15 minutes for this in an upcoming session.


Assignment (Required)

  • REQUIREDΒ Phase 2, Blog Post #10:
    • Please discuss today’s Intro to LGBTQ+ workshop with Chris Woods. Please discuss any new terms, strategies, concepts, or resources that you learned about. Discuss the Breakout Room prompt: How can technology support LGBTQ+ communities in the time of COVID? How can different kinds of living situations be supported?
    • Please review the Final Project Requirements and email me by Tuesday if you don’t these requirements seem feasible for you right now (or if you have any other questions/comments).

Extra Credit Options