NYU D&T 2020 Session #16: NYU Aging Incubator


  • Today’s session will be recorded (now required by Tandon administration).
  • If you have any suggestions for the second half of D&T class, you are welcome to share them throughΒ this form. I’ve updated the form to reflect NYU-wide changes since March 12. Thank you!
  • In case you missed it: Phase 2 Syllabus Updates
  • If you are switching to a Pass/Fail grade for this class, please let me know via email, since the switch might not show up in ALBERT right away.
  • I will wait until this evening (or Friday morning at the latest) to send you midterm gradesheets. Thanks for your patience.


  • 2:00: Audio/Video test and Announcements
  • 2:05: Joshua Chodosh MD, NYU Aging Incubator
  • 3:30: Check-ins, including Maggie’s midterm presentation


  • The required blog assignment from Tuesday has been modified and should be labeled Phase 2, Post #1 (or whatever fits in with the naming scheme you use).
  • REQUIRED Phase 2, Blog Post #2: Dr. Chodosh presented many aspects of the NYU Aging Incubator today (see the slideshow here), including some of the points below. Did any particular points stand out to you? Are there are any particular points on which you’re interested to contribute, particularly as a Tandon STEM student?
    • Innovators in Aging Award
    • Conferences, Fellows, Brown Bag lunch series
    • NYSDOH Buddy Program (pairs NYU Students with people in the early stages of Alzheimers)
    • Student Image Competitions, Makerthons
    • Partnerships with universities in China
    • Aging Incubator’s COVID response
    • Technologies: Actigraph Watch, Naturally Recurring Retirement Communities, Smartphone UIs, Telemedicine through NYU Langone