NYU D&T 2020 #11: Course Reserve Books, Plutopia


  • Please fill out Mahek’s midterm project poll.
  • Reminder: At 2:15, we will walk over to 1 Metrotech for the Plutopia Talk, which will be in the Jacobs Seminar Room, 19th Floor of 1 Metrotech Center. If you are running late, please go there directly. The usual attendance policies will apply to today’s class.Β 
  • Reminder on absences: please check with Deanna Rayment (Tandon Office of Student Affairs) if you would like guidance on unexcused (non-documented) absences.Β The NYU Office of Student Affairs (or other official NYU staff group) must contact me directly on your behalf in order for me to take your situation into account. Otherwise, be prepared to take a reduction in your grade or do extra credit (for each unexcused absence, a 1500 word essay, or a field trip + video is required as a graded make-up assignment). Please refer to the class syllabus for further details.


  • Course Reserve Books
  • Walk to 1 Metrotech
  • Plutopia Talk by Kate Brown


  • If you haven’t already, Read the Introduction to Algorithms of Oppression and watch/listen to this 1-hour webinar on Fairness in Machine Learning by Google’s ML fairness effort. If you haven’t already, please complete the assignment from Session 10 and be prepared to discuss on Thursday.
  • Make progress on your midterm and be prepared to discuss 1-on-1 on Thursday, which is our final class before midterm presentations next week.

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