NYU D&T 2020 #7: Your Tech, EdTech

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  • Blog Post, due Thursday 2/20. Continue with the Tech You’re Grappling With. Please post and be ready to discuss the following:
    • If you haven’t already, respond to blog prompt #1 from Session 6.
    • Now conduct some Secondary Research (exercise adapted from the Field Guide to Human Centered Design):
      • Enter the following into web search: 1) Your Technology AND 2) The Issues/Keywords your group entered into the Tech You’re Grappling With spreadsheet. What comes up? Did you need to refine your search at all and/or simplify the search terms? Please include links.
      • What are makers of your technology (e.g. companies, organizations) doing to address the issue/keywords you searched? These solutions can be technological, behavioral, or cultural.
      • In your opinion, which solutions worked? Which ones didn’t? Are there any that feel similar to the solutions you brainstormed (see blog prompt #1 from Session 6)?
  • By Tuesday 2/25: Determine whether you’ll work in a group or solo for the Midterm. I will post Midterm requirements on Thursday 2/20. There will be Midterm-related exercises for the next two weeks, so knowing your personnel plans will be important.

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