NYU D&T 2020 #6: Ed Tech & Your Tech

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  1. Blog Post on The Tech You’re Grappling With, Due Tuesday 2/18.
    • Briefly recap today’s conversation in your “themed group.”
    • Now return to your technology.
      • Brainstorm 1-3 ways these diversity issues might be addressed by the developers/manufacturers of the technology. If you’re looking at a broad field, pick one manufacturer that has a lot of coverage in various forms of media. For instance, for the mass manufacturing example, I might focus on Ford Motors or General Motors.
      • Can any of the existing tools we’ve examined (e.g. Codes of Conduct, Belmont Report, Menlo Report, Unions, etc.) be useful for addressing these issues? If so, how?
      • Which “Affected Populations” from today’s discussion might be most affected by the potential solutions you brainstormed? How?
  2. Blog Post on Further Reading/Watching, Due Tuesday 2/18. Choose ONE of the following prompts for your post:

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