NYU D&T 2020 #4: Medical Regulations, Technologies, Bias.




  • Due Tuesday 2/11:
    • Catch up on assignments from Sessions #1, #2, and #3.
    • Blog Post. You can keep this as a single post or split it into two:
      • Review the multimedia interactive at the bottom of Brooklyn Historical Society’s web page for their exhibit Taking Care of Brooklyn. Please discuss: do you see any medical or research bias implied in any of these artifacts?
      • What technology are you most grappling with right now? This could be a technology you’re learning or using for another class or project, a technology that you want to be learning, a ubiquitous technology you see lots of people using, or something else. Explain the technology in as much detail as possible, and discuss the way you are grappling with it.

Extra Credit

  • Watch/listen the two TED videos (see links above), OR watch/listen to the HHS.gov video on the Belmont Report. Write a blog post discussing the biases, injustices, and potential pitfalls covered in the video(s) you chose.
  • Write a blog post that reflects on this paragraph from Chapter 3 of Medical Bondage: Race, Gender, and the Origins of American Gynecology, page 84: 

β€œAmerican medicine developed under the expansive influence of European scientific racism. As a consequence, early gynecologists demonstrated their medical knowledge through their treatment of and writings about enslaved women as gynecological patients who purportedly felt little or no pain as they underwent invasive surgical procedures. Antebellum-era doctors continued the American tradition of reinforcing prevailing racial stereotypes about β€œblack” women through their writings. These men recognized the importance of medical journals, especially as the field became more legitimized.”