NYU D&T 2020 #2: Codes and Identities



  • Tool Talk: Makerspace, Dibner, Bobst
  • Keywords and Terms
  • Salient Social Identity
  • Codes of Conduct [search NYU COCs and discussion of Tandon COC]
    • Discussions on articles above (Dryden, TechInclusion, Project Include)
    • Codes and policies (good and bad)
  • Syllabus (if needed)


  1. Due Tuesday 2/4 : Set up a blog (or add a “Diversity+Tech” section to your existing blog) and send the link to me at arlduc [at] nyu.edu. 
    • It doesn’t matter which blog service you use. 
    • NYU provides blog services and space: https://wp.nyu.edu
    • You can password protect your blog or specific blog posts if you do not want to share it outside of this course.
    • Please email me if you have further questions or concerns.
  2. Due Tuesday 2/4: Blog post #1. Introduce yourself:
    • What’s your name and major?
    • Why are you interested in Diversity and Technology?
    • Which field trips and guest speakers from last year most interest you? Can you suggest any other field trips or guest speakers? Feel free to use the D&T Resource List to get more ideas.
    • Which book on the class syllabus most interests you?
    • Please suggest an additional book or resource for consideration on the class book list. 
  3. Reading, Due Tuesday 2/4. Read essays on Technology, Diversity. and one other keyword from Keywords for American Cultural Studies. Be prepared to discuss in class.
  4. Blog post, due Thursday 2/6. Pick a piece of fictional pop culture media that you think propagates (or analyzes) the biases that derived from historical medical discrimination. Post a link to this media on your blog. (Hint: Medical dramas, legal dramas, and superhero stories can be a good place to start.) We will have a screening and discussion during class week.

Extra Credit

  1. Extra Credit: After doing the Technology, Diversity. and Keywords for American Cultural Studies reading, write a blog post on where these concepts intersect––and where they don’t.
  2. Extra Credit: See Frankenstein or Dracula at the Classic Stage Company. Student tickets are $20. Write a short reflection as to how either production pertains to diversity and technology issues. Include a picture of your ticket and photos from your visit.