NYU D&T Session 23: Social Justice Walking Tour of Metrotech


  • Tandon Evaluation for this class: You will have time in class to complete your course evaluation today, May 8, and May 13.
  • This Wednesday, 5/1: We will NOT MEET IN THE CLASSROOM on WEDNESDAY 5/1. Please go directly to Civic Hall, located at 118 W 22nd St 12th Fl, New York, NY 10011. (Civic Hall is 16 blocks north of NYU Washington Square.) I’ll send an e-mail reminder on Wednesday before class. Reminder to please CONTACT ME if you have issues getting to the location.
  • NYU STUDENT ARTISTS: Submit an entry for the NYU Aging Incubator Student Image Competition to win $500 and a chance to have your artwork featured on our multiple media platforms. Visit nyu.edu/aging  for details.


  • Social Justice Walking Tour of Metrotech (“Gentrification in Downtown Brooklyn”), led by FUREE’s Michael Higgins. Please message Prof A if you arrive late and can’t find the group.
  • Rough agenda for walking tour:
    • 4:30 Meet at NYU
    • 4:40 History of MetroTech (MetroTech Commons). MetroTech as first technology park in America. How did NYU get to Downtown Brooklyn?
    • 4:55 Brooklyn Tech Triangle (Avalon Plaza, Flatbush Avenue)
      History of Downtown Brooklyn Partnership (DBP)
      Role of DBP in Downtown Brooklyn Rezoning
    • 5:20 Who Is Included and Excluded: Impact of Existing Local Community
      • NYCHA (5:25)
      • Affordable Housing @ Albee Square (5:40)
      • Abolitionist Place (5:50)
      • City Point project (6:00)
    • 6:15 Q&A (MetroTech Commons)


  • REQUIRED Blog Post (progress towards the final), due Wednesday 5/1. Put together a rough cut of your final video, which should contain placeholders for all the required video components. We should have a bit of time to discuss these at Civic Hall (our field trip destination) on May 1.