NYU D&T Session 21: Starting to Finalize the Final


  • Questions for External Speakers will now be for assignments only.
  • Slides from the NYU Safe Zone and Faith Zone presentations are now available.
  • Extra Credit opportunities have been updated. Please let me know if you have any questions.
  • Course Books have been updated.
  • The External Speaker calendar has been updated with new events: a Social Justice Walking Tour and a trip to Brownsville Community Justice Center.
  • This Wednesday: we will meet in the classroom at a 4:30 SHARP and travel together to Brooklyn Army Terminal, the location of the Futureworks Makerspace. PLEASE BE ON TIME. Please message me if you have issues, in order to not be counted as late.


  • 4:40 – Full class check-ins: Interview Progress
  • 5:05 – Small group check-ins: Research Questions and next Interviews
  • 5:30 – Small group quick presentations
  • 5:55 – Brief Final Cut Pro tutorial: Rough Cut


  • REQUIRED Blog Post, due Wednesday 4/30. Start working on your 2nd interview. Make and document initial contact with some kind of technical or scholarly expertise on your prototype technology and/or target SSI.
  • Blog Post, due Weds 4/30: check out the Makerspace.nyc web site and come to the field trip with questions/thoughts. While last week’s trip focused primarily on diversity, this week’s trip will focus on primarily on technology. Please think about diversity issues that might be relevant to the Makerspace field trip.
  • Next week: A rough cut will be due. Start figuring out how to do this!