NYU D&T Session 18: Visit to Recurse Center


  • Please open and use Questions for External Speakers for the first part of today’s class.
  • At 5:25, we will walk to Recurse Center, 397 Bridge Street.
  • Next Monday, 4/15: Observation Take 2, by Jonathan Bain.
  • Next class: checking in regarding your Human-Centered Plan and interviews so far (we will use your blogs for reference). If there are any loose ends, please communicate with your group to finish by Monday! We will also discuss the final project and basic video editing on Monday as well.
  • Adobe Premiere?



  • Before class on Monday 4/15: Download a free 1-week trial of Adobe Creative Cloud.
  • Blog post, due Monday 4/15: Reflect on the sessions with the External Speakers so far: Vernelle Noel, Joshua Ogure, or the Recurse Center speakers.
    • Were there any surprises?
    • Are you noticing any trends in the how these speakers approach the intersection of diversity and technology? Any outliers?
    • Do you think that these speakers require diversity for their work in technology? How so?
  • REQUIRED blog post, due Wednesday 4/17: Finish your first interview and post the summary, transcript, and/or any other documentation of the interview. Use your group’s Human-Centered Plan and the abridged Field Guide to Human-Centered Design to guide you in this process.