NYU D&T Session 14: Persona Design; Guest Speaker Vernelle Noel



  • 4:30 Persona Design Exercise. When you finish this exercise, please post readable (high-resolution) photos of your partner’s completed worksheets to your blog and comment on them; it will count toward your final blog post count. Please work in the following pairs, based on the salient social identities of your projects:
    • Tahmid, Munsu
    • Nicole, Michael, Ari
    • Alice, Shiv
    • Ishan, Mohamed
    • Alex, Abid
    • Jeremy, Tamim
    • Nabiha, Shahriar
    • Augustin, Rabiya
    • Sierra, Jaynaba
    • Camil, Ashia
  • 5:30 Guest Speaker Vernelle Noel


  • Blog post, due Monday 4/1: Discuss your current thoughts on continuing your midterm project.
    • Will you continue to develop it for the final? If not, what might you work on for the final project?
    • Based on your current project thinking, discuss where and how you might find potential people to test your project and provide feedback. Discuss where/who you will find
      • People with the salient social identity of your audience (e.g. those who are vision-impaired, elderly, hearing-impaired, low-income, experiencing mental health issues, experiencing posture issues etc.)
      • People with the salient social identity that ALSO have pertinent personal identities (e.g. low-income music students, disabled cooks, hearing-impaired finance students, etc)?
      • A professional who is an expert practitioner with your project’s technical, socioeconomic and/or scientific challenges?
  • Reading, due Monday 4/1: Familiarize yourself with the Field Guide to Human Centered Design.
  • Extra Credit Blog Post on the Field Guide to Human Centered Design: See Extra Credit Page.