NYU D&T Session 12: Midterm Context Presentations


  • Please fill out this quick poll for upcoming sessions today if you haven’t already!
  • A discussion of Extra Credit Opportunities has been posted.
  • Our class’s Guest Speaker and Field Trip calendar has been posted–more information to come soon.
  • Remember that you are also presenting today (Wednesday)! If you need to prepare more context material, consider preparing more on how your project relates to diversity, inclusion, and representation in the US context. Consider the International context, too.
  • Bring a question about at least one project.
  • Please double-check that your prototype (documentation of 3 iterations) and your essay are online and/or sent to me. I’ll flag you today if I’m missing any of your midterm components.
  • I’ll start grading on Monday, so you are welcome to revise/update your blog until Sunday 3/16.


(time slots are subject to change… Prof A is live-updating this now!)
4:40 Mohamed, Shiv (group)
4:45 Jaynaba
4:50 Ashia
5:18 Nabiha, Rabiya, Abid (group)
5:31 Sierra
5:42 Augustin
5:47 Tahmid, Tamim, Shahriar (group)
5:57 Nicole
6:02 Ari
6:07 Jeremy
6:13 Michael, Camil, Alice, Munsu (group)
6:23 Alex