NYU Diversity&Tech Session 7: Social, Home, and other Lifestyle Technologies

Announcements: Class-Related

  • D&T class slideshows are now available from the “Diversity” menu on this site.
  • Numbering your blog posts (this explanation is now also posted on the Class Blog list): Please don’t number your posts to correspond to class sessions! Please make sure that your earliest class post says “Post #1: [Your Main Idea],” and that all subsequent posts are numbered consecutively until Midterm Week. By then, the list of your posts should look something like
    • Midterm
    • Post #10
    • Post #9
    • … [Post #8… going backwards to Post #2]
    • Post #1
  • If you have any extra credit posts, don’t number them; instead, please label the post as “Extra Credit.”
  • Midterm Requirements are now posted. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.
  • Might fit with your making plans: A Makers Residency at WOW in Chinatown



  • BY MONDAY: Determine whether you’ll work in a group or solo for the Midterm. There will be a Midterm-related exercise on Monday, so knowing your personnel plans will be important.
  • Blog Post, due Monday Feb 25: Determine whether you’ll work in a group or solo for the Midterm. Discuss your group/solo plans for the Midterm (due in 2.5 weeks). Reflect on some of the points about groups in the Midterm Requirements:
  • Blog Post, due Monday Feb 25: The public transit and ableism article explains an idea, but contains no graphics. Quickly sketch out a graphic showing what you think the author means by “Moving Transportation and Technology Away from Ableism.”

Announcements: External