NYU Diversity&Tech Session 5: Work Tech, Fabrication Focus

Class Announcements

  • Student Blogs: Reminder that every class session in which your blog is not listed on the class site will lead to a 0.5 point deduction from your midterm grade.
  • NEW: D&T Resources
  • NYU Data Services Classes can be attended instead of Makerspace courses. Please be sure to blog about one of these resources in advance of your midterm.
    • GIS Tools & Services at NYU Tuesday, February 12, 3PM – 4PM in LC 433. A geographic information system (GIS) helps you to visualize data and create information to solve problems and make decisions. This tutorial covers the definition of GIS, different GIS applications available at NYU, and GIS data sources including NYU’s Spatial Data Repository (SDR).
    • Introduction to R Wednesday, February 13, 3PM – 5PM in LC 433. R is a programming language for statistical analysis of data. This tutorial will introduce you to the basic elements of R, to working with data sets in R, to visualizing them, and to implementing common statistical procedures.

External Announcements



  • Prototype Sketch, Due Wednesday 2/13 (post documentation on your blog). Start sketching a prototype for a new kind of work or ed tech. We will use these in class on Wednesday, so be sure to complete this assignment. These sketches will start to form the basis for your midterm project.
  • Blog Post, Due Monday 2/18. Choose ONE of the following prompts for your post: