NYU Diversity&Tech Session 4: Med Tech & Bias.




  • New students: Review all previous diversity posts and catch up. Every class session in which your blog is not listed on the class site will lead to a 0.5 point deduction from your midterm grade.
  • Due Monday 2/11:
    • Blog Post. Do some internet searching (or other research) on the intersection of the technology with your partner’s salient identity. Write a blog post on what you find–do you think it’s relevant to your exercise partner? Please cite URLs and other resources that you find.
    • Assignment for new students: Review the Belmont Report, posted in Session 3 of this class. How do real-world medical practitioners try to avoid perpetuating bias today? When does it work? When does it not work?

Extra Credit

Read Contested Relations and write a blog post that reflects on this paragraph, page 84:

American medicine developed under the expansive influence of European scientific racism. As a consequence, early gynecologists demonstrated their medical knowledge through their treatment of and writings about enslaved women as gynecological patients who purportedly felt little or no pain as they underwent invasive surgical procedures. Antebellum-era doctors continued the American tradition of reinforcing prevailing racial stereotypes about “black” women through their writings. These men recognized the importance of medical journals, especially as the field became more legitimized.