NYU Diversity&Tech Session 3: Identities and Bodies.




  • Due Wednesday 2/6:
    • If you haven’t already, finish the assignments from last week. Starting on Wednesday, every class session in which your blog is not listed on the class site will lead to a 0.5 point deduction from your midterm grade.
    • Blog Post: Pick a piece of pop culture that you think propagates the biases that derived from historical medical discrimination. Post a link (e.g. a YouTube link) on your blog. (Hint: Medical dramas and superhero stories can be a good place to start.) We will have a viewing and discussion party on Wednesday.
  • Due Monday 2/11:
    • Blog Post. Do some internet searching (or other research) on the intersection of the technology with your partner’s salient identity. Write a blog post on what you find–do you think it’s relevant to your exercise partner? Please cite URLs and other resources that you find.