NYU Data Vis 2018.06: ProPublica, NYU Data Services


While you’re waiting for class to begin, please take a look atΒ the links to prepare for class today.


Next Week’s Assignments

    • Please write as 1 or 2 blog posts:

      • Reflection on ProPublica visit. ProPublica, as a non-profit journalism organization, does a lot of work in the community interest. As you start to work with you community partner and think about your Phase 2 paper, what are some lessons learned from the ProPublica visit that might help you going forward?
      • Reflection on NYU Data Services visit.Β Now that you’ve completed your Phase 1 project and received feedback, please reflect on the services and information shared at the NYU Data Services visit today. What aspects of this visit might help you as you start to think about your final visualization?
    • Please download R Studio for next week’s class.