NYU Data Vis 2018.02: Makers, Histories, Data, Toolkits.


While you’re waiting for class to begin, please take a look atΒ the links to prepare for class today.


  • Guest Speaker: Laura Wolf-Powers on Urban Makers.
  • Guest Speaker: Jonathan Tarleton from Boston Housing Authority.
  • A Brief History of Data Vis and Toolkit
  • Discussion of last week’s exercise and assignments

Next Week’s Assignments

  • Start Visualizing. Use the toolkit you’re building to start visualizing data to show on September 20.
    • Please post screenshots or a link to your blog, as well as a discussion of your progress.
    • Please use one of the class’s pre-approved datasets or e-mail me to get approval for another data set of your choice.
    • You can use this assignment to start working towards your first full visualization, which will be due on October 4. (You can see last year’s Phase 1 Project Grading Criteria here, which will be similar to this year’s criteria. Some of the visualization tutorials need to be updated.)

Photos From Last Week’s Physical Vis Exercise